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Memtest issues with HX3X12G1600C9


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I bought a new computer. Its been running extremely well in windows and IE, but Crysis has crashed 3 times over about 6 hours of gaming. Its the only game I'm currently playing really, so I can't say for sure if its Crysis or the PC. I finally can play it at max so I wanted to beat it.


I ran Memtest86+ from a USB key over night last night and when I got up it was still running and I had a whole bunch of red lines and in the Errors section it said 5180 and in Pass it said 4.


I've never used memtest before but I'm thinking that isn't good. Everything is running stock, no overclocking and the HAF X case is full of fans and has been keeping everything crispy cool. In the BIOS i tried setting my memory to XMP but it said that it was 1066 memory. I changed the timing to 1600 and thats it (Leaving it on XMP Profile 1). It asked if i wanted it to detect voltage, I said yes and it detected it at 1.6 (which is what newegg lists it as).


Is this just a configuration error or should I look at exchanging my memory? Someone here suggested when I was first purchasing it that I shouldn't load up all 6 memory slots at the beginning. I didn't have the extra cash to get the 12 gig kit that comes on 3 chips, but I'm starting to think maybe I could find the difference somewhere and change. That kit is from ******** though and I don't know how they compare to other brands?


Thanks in advance.


Edit - Forgot to mention, i'm running the latest bios, I didn't upgrade it but I checked on Asus's website and it shipped with the latest.


Edit2 - By Crash in Crysis I mean Crysis just locks up, video freezes, sound stops and it just like a pause button was pressed. Escape does nothing, no menus. I can Ctrl + Alt + Delete and kill Crysis and take myself back to Windows, and when Crysis is killed I'm back to normal in windows and can re-launch crysis immediatly after.

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try higher qpi/dram 1.35v and put some more voltage on your ioh voltage like 1.200volt or higher, because you have 2 gpu's in your rig, this means more work for your x58 chip, so putting up the voltage on your ioh can solve the problem.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I exchanged my memory over the weekend from my reseller and all problems are gone. No more errors in memtest, windows memory diagnostics and did over 12 hours of gaming Sunday without a crash.


Think I got a bad kit.



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