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800D & Hotswap = BSOD?


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My PC has been running fine the past few weeks, and then i finally got round to installing a couple of hard drives from my previous pc. I already had one of the hotswap's being used (the very bottom one), and decided to use the two above this.

It seems that sometimes i'm getting blue screen of death, which is i assume when the drives power down or something? I can't see it being to do with anything else as i had absolutely no crashes before!

I just wondered what everyone else thought about this, and wondered if they thought it was possible it was causing the BSOD? Like i said, it's been fine until i put the drives in!



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I would try plugging the drives directly into the motherboard (bypass the hotswap bays) and see if the problems go away. If they do, then lets get the backplane circuit boards replaced. You can submit an RMA for the 800D and in the description just let us know you need replacement backplane circuit boards.


Request an RMA

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I've just recently had the same trouble and I moved the drive to an alternate bay, bypassing the hot swap bay. I'm still testing to make sure that it's corrected as I was experiencing the BSOD's intermittently. They popped up just like yours..... out of the blue.


So far I have not had a BSOD while using the same motherboard port. Did replacing the circuit bd for the hot swap work? Do I just need to request an RMA or start a support case for this? Thanks for posting this, I thought that I had a bad motherboard SATA port!

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