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MSI H55M-E33 & CM3X2G1333C9 Compatibility


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My Mother Board is MSI H55M-E33 and RAM model is CM3X2G1333C9 (2*2GB)with latency 9-9-9-24, freq. 1333Mhz, 1.5V


One of the stick was originally faulty so had it RMAed, then in the 2nd batch one stick had "cold start" issues. so RMAed again. In the 3rd batch, now, one stick has continues errors from 0% on Memtest86+ when ran from USB boot.


In all cases the other stick worked flawlessly, no errors on memtest for 8+ hours, stress test etc. On the second batch both sticks worked perfectly on dual channel once the "cold start" was overcome.


After mailing Corsair regarding this, they contacted me and think that this model may not be compatible with my mother board because on "memory configurator"this particular model does not show up, but similar models with same latency are listed along with 1600Mhz memory also.


My question is:

1: Is my RAM CM3X2G1333C9 not compatible at all with MSI H55M-E33 that I am having continuous issues? (Please note that all three times the errors were of different kind and one time it even worked flawlessly once the "cold start" was overcome)


2: Should I get the RAMs suggested by Corsair to get my PC 100% fail proof? this option is difficult as I should persuade the retailer to exchange the new RAMs that I get after RMA for 1600Mhz with extra cash.

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It's highly unlikely that you got three sets of bad RAM. The RAM may not be compatible with your mobo for some reason or the mobo/BIOS may have an issue? Always use the latest BIOS for your mobo.


RAM of a similar frequency or timings does not mean it will be compatible with your mobo/CPU. It would be best to start with RAM that you know is appropriate for your hardware.

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I updated the BIOS a week ago just because I had these issues. but still no use.


If the mobo was not compatible how did it work perfectly after the "cold start"?

I ran Memtest86+ and windows diagnostic tool that checks memory for 8+ hours and got no errors with that batch. sent it to RMA just because of the "cold start" problem alone. the next batch gives totally different errors (I will try to attach a photo of memtest giving thousands of errors on one stick). I dont know how they tested and passed it with such high errors. the other stick from this batch is fine and currently using that only to send this reply.


If it was by any remote chance the mistake of "Kaizen Infoserve" who replaces the RAM, we need to find that, right? (Since they are in a hurry to close the RMA request within 4-5 days). Corsair cannot be that careless or lenient on quality.


Anyways, I will be talking to my retailer about this issue, hope he agrees to exchange it for a 1600Mhz.


On that note, will using a 1600Mhz RAM be considered O.C? because thats what it says for my mobo on the MSI website and the box. I dont know much about O.C. except that if not careful, can fry few components. I got average cooling fans only:o:!

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Intel only supports the i5-750 up to 1333 MHz. RAM frequency so yes 1600 would be overclocking. You would need to set the BIOS manually or enable XMP profile to run higher than OE RAM frequency. Note however that XMP profiles are not guaranteed to work. They are a best guess at what might work.





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Got new RAMs today. Tested it for approx. 30 mins and 100% pass, individually and on dual channel. They gave no errors so booted to Windows 7 to reply to these threads. will test it tonight for 8 hours.


No BSOD, No Cold Boot, No errors.


I wonder what went wrong with the RMAs the previous two times. Not sure whose mistake it was - "Kaizen infoserve" or "Corsair"!


Though I am happy enough now to see working pair to forget the past few weeks!


EDIT: Just when I think the problems are over, I got a restart after some time yesterday without any BSOD or minidump file. then I replied to this thread. I thought it was not a big issue. Today again I get a restart in the morning with no BSOD. later the system is working fine. I dont have much time to check for OS or cold start issues and sort it out bcoz of exams. Will check later this week and tell you guys.

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