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TX750W - Way too noisy.. What happen to silent operation

The Punisher

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Just built a new system and went with the TX 750W because the reviews raved about how quiet it is.


Well the one I have is super noisy, That fan speed is way too high and with no option to control it.


I have already disabled C1E and EIST as per sticky and no change. I am unsure if it is suppose to be this noisy, but if thats the case then I will have to get it replaced by something quieter.


Any suggestions as to what I can do to lower it's noise ? bios settings maybe ?



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Update: I did the paperclip test, with everything unplugged and just my system fan, the PSU fan did not speed up as fast and was noticeably less noisier, but as soon as I plug it in to the MB and power up the fan comes back up really noisy.


I don't see how my my computer can require it to work so much... Just does not sound right.

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