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My Corsair AX1200 Feedback


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Hi, my name is Samer, I live in Egypt, I got the AX1200 in September, powered my system on everything was working fine, then remembered some youtube videos about whining sound, ran MSI Kombuster and Windows 7 WEI as seen on the video, I heard the whining sound but it was not as loud as the videos, but like any normal user, when I pay $365 to get a product to Egypt, I expect it to be perfect, even if the sound is barely noticeable, called Corsair TS, no problem AT ALL, power supply replaced with a new one, and it's working PERFECTLY as I expected and MORE.


This feedback is totally my idea, no one asked to do it, I thought it is fair enough to share my very good experience with everyone.


Thank u Corsair for making things right, AS USUAL.


Best Regards,


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