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memtest found an error


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I hadnt used memtest before but after buying 4GB extra RAM i decided to burn the ISO and run it, to my dismay my original XMS2 CM2X1024-6400 had an error, i removed all the RAM and tested stick by stick and it was my original stick ( 1 of a matched pair ) purchased in 2008, i guess it had always been like that and i hadnt noticed. As i purchased it from Novatech computers UK i contacted them first earlier this evening and will see what they say tomorrow.

As i am in the UK what is the procedure to have my RAM replaced and is there an estimate on the turn-around. ? Is the RMA UK based ?

Thanks a lot for any help. :[pouts:

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On most ASUS boards, you must disable Legacy USB Support in the BIOS to run Memtest properly. Please disable this setting and test each module again. Are you having issues or are you inquiring solely on the Memtest results?



Hello Yellowbeard.

Legacy USB is disabled and i ran the test on each module, one fails almost immediately on test 2 . The others pass. I do have the occassional freeze but it was the first time i had run memtest.

Thank you.

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