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Need a little understanding.


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I hate to even post this but memory is a bit hard for me to grasp (Timing and all). So here it goes, after building a system with windows7 I realize how much memory is a big factor. I finally find memory that my system runs stable and I'm happy (memory is CMD4GX3M2A1600C8). So I run speccy and it shows my system info ...... Looking at the section of info on memory and it show that the (Max BandwidthPC3-10700H (667 MHz)) I thought that my memory runs a front side buss of 1600 or 1333 is this stating that it running at 667? Here is a picture of speccy.



Or is a total of the Three JEDEC's (1,2 and 3=666.7/592.6/444.4)

Just trying to understand how to read the brake down of info.



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