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CMP4GX3M2B1600C8 issue


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hi- have the combo as per title but am having a terrible time getting things to run as stable.

i am happy to run the ram at 1333, speed issue isnt of that much of importance, a stable system being my preference


with voltage set at 1.60 up to 1.64 i have tried



9-9-9-24 (motherboard default)


each with the same result, pc crashes with either memory management or you have overclocked the system as error messages.


any suggetsions as to other tweaks would be great. also would it help to bump the cpu voltage?


im not great with this sort of thing so please be gentle with me!!


(running this on windows xp at present)

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Is your PC stable when you run the RAM at 1333 MHz.? Is the CPU overclocked? Have you run Memtest 86+ on one DIMM at a time to check for errors?


With Cool and Quiet and C1E disabled in BIOS, your CPU voltage should be ~1.4 V +/-. A 9-9-9-24 2T setting @ 1.5 V would typically be the "auto" detected settings. You'd need to manually set anything different. Running the RAM at a higher frequency than 1333 MHz. may require an increase in the RAM voltage to 1.65 V (see the DIMM label for the specified voltage) and raising the CPU-NB voltage. Try 1.2 V on the CPU-NB.

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no overclocking

memtest86+ shows no errors,

pc not fully stable at 1333 but better than 1600!


have everything set to motherboard default at present other than the ram voltage which is at 1.64. this is the most stable it will run.

will try bumping the cpu-nb and see how we go :)


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