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F60 can't install Windows


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I'm having problems installing Windows on my Intel DG35EC and F60 SSD. It is recognized properly in the BIOS. If I load XP onto an IDE hard drive, it is recognized and usable as a storage device.


However, I'm having trouble installing Windows on it. When I try to install XP it recognizes it in setup, copies the files onto the hard drive, then after the first reboot I get "no boot device available" - it will not boot to XP setup and continue the installation.


When I try Vista/7 setup the drive is not recognized at all. This happens regardless of whether AHCI is on or not.


Any ideas??

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First use parted magic and secure erase the drive. If you're going to install Vista or 7 then make a 100 meg partition on the drive and then it should be recognized; install windows to the unallocated portion without formatting.


In any scenario, XP/Vista/7, you should use AHCI and you need to download the latest "F6" version of the Intel RST drivers. Keep in mind that for the .exe Intel the drivers are both 32/64bit, but when you get the "F6" version (and intel actually calls it the F6 version..) you need to choose 32 or 64 bit. I forget what type of file it is, it may be an .ini but I think it is distributed in a .zip if I remember correctly. I largely suspect this was the problem when you were trying to install XP, and I can almost guarantee if you follow those steps in parted magic and make the 100 meg partition, that will solve the problem of the drive not being recognize by Vista/7.

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