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AX750 Product Manual


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Thanks for the manual Ram Guy!


I have a few questions about the AX750 now that I have seen the manual.


1. On your website, it lists the Input Current of the AX750 at 15 Amps on the resource tab, but the manual lists it at 9 - 4.5 Amps. Which is right?


2. If the manual is correct, does that mean the AX750 will only need 4.5 A at minimum load and 9 A at full load?


3. If my understanding is correct on question #2, Will I be ok using this PSU in my computer, given the following information: I have a 15 A breaker in my breaker box for this room of my house, nothing else is currently plugged in to this room's outlets. (I have already checked to make sure that the room's outlets are all on the same 15 A breaker). I don't want to overload it and have it pop the breaker, or worse start an electrical fire.


Sorry to be such a pain, but I really am trying to understand these numbers, I am not an electrician. LOL!





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