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Poor Quality of Indian RMA service


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I bought a pair of RAM (CM3X2G1333C9)which had errors that made my system freeze, found out one RAM had few errors (tested with Memtest86+ before boot).


So I RMAed them and got the second set (RMA No. CEC400608C) in which one stick had "cold start" issues.


So I RMAed them them again and third set (RMA No. CEC403619C) which I got now fails on "Windows Loading" screen itself. Memtest86+ before boot shows continuous errors right from the start on one stick.


Each time only one RAM had problem. I have to travel 30Kms each time I have to give it for RMA, wait for 5 days, then again 30Kms to get it. And the worst part is I have to do it again and again because of poor quality control. Tell me what I shall do now. I have completely lost faith in Corsair.I see no point in sending it to RMA just one more time.


I live in Chennai, India. "Kaizen Infoserve" accepts defective product and sends it to Banglore to get it replaced for new ones. I don’t know how many time I have to send it to get an actual pair that’s working!

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I am sorry but please contact the reseller and see if they will replace them. They should arrange the modules to be sent back to us so we can see what might be causing that.


P.S. I did send a message to the service manager in India and asked them to help you directly.

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Got new RAMs after dealing with Banglore Kaizen Infoserve directly. Tested it for approx. 30 mins and 100% pass, individually and on dual channel. They gave no errors so booted to Windows 7 to reply to these threads. will test it tonight for 8 hours.


I wonder what went wrong with the RMAs the previous two times. Not sure whose mistake it was - "Kaizen infoserve" or "Corsair"!:confused:


Though I am happy enough now to see working pair to forget the past few weeks!

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