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700D HDD Trays broken handles after 4 months


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I bought my 700D in June and setup a watercooled PC.

I was very happy with my setup untill today I wanted to swap out some HDDs.


I opened up my side panel and I heard something fall. I thought it was a bolt but was unsure where it came from. Then all of a sudden I saw it was a handle from one of my HDD cages. (wtf?!)


It broke off on it's own.


Then I tried grabbing my other HDD cages.


ALL my harddrive cages their handles broke off when I tried to take my HDDs out. Every single one of them.


They are very hard and not flexible at all.

They were flexible when I first installed my HDDs 4 months ago.

I added a 2 TB hdd just 2 months ago and all was still fine then.


From day 1 I also experienced a resonating sound from my HDDs in this case. I did not have this with my other case (Coolermaster Stacker 831 with the same HDDs).



I included a screenshot.


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Please Request an RMA, and in the description area, let us know that you need some replacement HDD trays and we can get you some replacements!


The same thing just happened to me when I tried to take out an HDD tray (with drive) from the lower drive bay. I bought my system in June, and I have added or moved drives only once or twice.


When this happened, I was using only enough force that was enough to remove a drive tray previously.


I just submitted an RMA request.

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