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AX850 and HD 5970


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Hi. I've been having some issue with a new system i just put together. When i power on my system the GPU fan would stay at 100% and the monitor would have no signal (and i don't mean the message "no display port detected", more like the monitor acts like if i haven't powered on the system). Everything worked fine for about 11 days until this happened, so RMAd the card and a month later i got a replacement. When i tried it things seem fine at first but then windows froze and i had the same problem again.


I've been told several times that the issue could be the PSU, and those that have had this problem have fixed it by getting another PSU. Problem is that i have no way of testing if its the PSU or not since i don't have a spare one, and i would hate to go through the RMA process just to get the same results. Any suggestions?

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