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Hey RamGuy, what's up ? I'm new here and I read you're the man 'round these parts

so I have 2 questions, one specific and another general.


The first thing I was wondering is, how I adjust the voltage on my corsair 550W PSU to

meet north american voltage specifications ?


I'm currently building my new computer from the ground up and was wondering if there

was anything a new guy would need to know before attempting to build ? I think I have

all of the hardware assembly understood (as the motherboard manual is very precise)

and was simply curious to know if there was anything I could be missing. I filled out the

specs of my model on the registration page and hopefully it shows up so you can get an

idea of what I'm working with and give me some pointers, if any. Thanks for your time!

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You won't need to manually adjust anything on your PSU. All Corsair PSUs have universal input detection that requires no manual setting to operate.


Also, we have How To guides and videos for a lot of our products. And, anything not covered there specifically is typically covered in the forums or on our website.



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