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Intel DP55SB & CMX8GX3M4A1333C9


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I just built my new computer and I need some help please.


RAM GUY, could you please tell me exactly which items in the BIOS I need to change and what the values should be?


I know with this board and this RAM that the memory timings have to be manually set, but I don't know which values go where?


I do not wish to overclock at this time, just the standard values please.





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Actually, if it's autodetected at 1333 MHz, then you won't need to do much besides raising the VTT (QPI/Uncore Voltage) slightly to compensate for the additional electrical loading caused by running more than two ranks of memory per channel. The Lynnfield i7 CPUs can be manually set to run memory at DDR3-1600 if one so wishes, but officially support only up to DDR3-1333 memory.
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