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TW3X4G1333C9DHX Problem dual channel


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What I meant by that was that i have tested the different dual configuration regarding in which slots the sticks was placed, 1,3-2,4 or any other really. Havent run MEMtest on the individual sticks. Im still not sure whether I will bother with pursuing the issue much further, considering its stable in single and I cant say I see any difference to dual with the applications I normally run. Already having spend quite a few hours on this issue I just want a comp I can use, so making an RMA and having to send the sticks back and wait perhaps weeks for something that might, or might not work, just isnt that appealing, and the store I bought the stuff in is like 2000km away. That said im thankful for the support I got here, and the good thing is I have learned a bit about how these things work, didnt have a clue before.
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