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need help finding the right sticks


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So, time has passed and my old rig is soon to be replaced.

im an old corsair lover, passing from a 939 FX cpu with a grand worth of ram: 4X512 3200XLPRO W/ LEDS @ 410mhz 2-2-2-5 to a new platform:


GA-890FXA-UD5 AM3 sb850

PhenomII X6 1090T Black Ed. with new high mem clock IMC

Caviar Black 2tb

Radeon HD 5850

AX750 Gold 750Watt PSU

Obsidian 800D

H70 Watercooling


The only thing i havent been able to choose yet is the ram modules i will use.

After living years with Led rams, i just cant go without em anymore. Nor could i tolerate loose timing (3200XLPRO's were awesome).


The ram i want to purchase MUST comply with these specs:

dual channel 4gig total (2x2)

Must fit the FAN/LED combo

Must run at specified speeds on GA-890FXA-UD5

Have very good ratio of high clock vs low latencies


keeping in mind i dont need to comply with 1.65v max ram voltage as im using a phenomII and i dont need to populate all 4 slots.


I would be planning on overclocking the cpu using the multi and touching the base clock only for fine tuning. My ram clock target would be between 1600 and 2000 with the lowest cas possible.



What Ram should i aim for?

what kind of voltage can i push safely in it to have it run at the best ratio possible?

will only 2 sticks make full use of all the leds on the airflow pro?



Thx for taking the time to read me. :biggrin:

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I'm not sure if i posted in the right section, but i would have expected a reply by now


i actually found another company making LED'd Rams and they answered my request within 3 hours and gave me information as well.


is there something wrong in my original post that is preventing an answer from being given?

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i edited my post reguarding the use of a thuban X6 1090T instead of a deneb c3 x4 970, thus changing the memory controller to an officially much better one proven to be able to handle much higher ram and imc clocks than deneb's


c9 seems pretty slack timings seeing some other modules i could find doing c8 c7 and some even c6 at 1600.


ive seen on sale at a canadian online store part number CMT4GX3M2A2000C8 wich i dont seem to find on corsair.com.


i still have a couple questions unanswered

1. will 2 sticks of 2g make full use of the leds on the airflow pro?


2. can you confirm part# CMT4GX3M2A2000C8 really do exist, that the CMT isnt a typo and will allow the use of the airflow pro?


3. would those sticks work fine with the stated board and X6 1090T?


4. lets say they work fine. if i lower the 2000 stock clock to something around 1500-1800, will i be able to tighten the timings a good lot? say 1600 c6 or 1750 c7 ?


5. what voltage would ensure best performance on these modules without voiding warranty?(im not using i7 so i hear i can push the voltage a bit higher than 1.65v)


ive always loved and praised my corsair products, dont let me down this time corsair.

gimme some proffesional answers please, im about to burn another thousand bucks in hardware and accesories and i sure hope ill be satisfied because i expect nothing less.

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Corsair is open Monday-Friday and answers questions during those days.


I can't answer most of your questions but here's what I can tell ya:


1. ?????


2. Yes CMT4GX3M2A2000C8 is a legit part number but it is approved for Intel systems not AMD systems. Don't know if it will allow airflow pro?


3. Must test - no guarantee


4. Must test - not likely but possible


5. Must test - ??????


Despite your beliefs.... just having RAM approved for 2000 MHz. does not mean that your CPU/system is going to run at or close to 2000 MHz. when the AMD AM3 CPUs are only guaranteed to run at 1333 MHz. Quite a few folks reach 1600 MHz. but not all. 2000 MHz. RAM frequency on an AMD system is quite a challenge.

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thanks for the answers

ive come across a lot of different corsair ram modules in friends' rigs and the computers i assembled and sold for profit. many of these had a tendency to love voltage and would dissipate heat pretty well, increasing stability or overclock capabilities. just like those 3200XLPRO i had running for 5 years at a heavy 2.75V (max recommended by corsair if i remember correctly)


question is

lets say, all factors permitting a ram to run at its rated speed are met(temps, voltage, hardware, etc), and that i dont have to restrain it to 1.65V.


what is the maximum voltage recommended by corsair for these modules?



im only looking for a ram clock of 1500 to 1800 with the tightest timings possible, im not expecting 2000c8

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