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XFX nForce 750i SLI Extreme Compatibility


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I work for a small computer company, and we were recently presented with a home-built computer which was presenting all sorts of blue screens. In my experience, it feels like memory compatibility. The kid used used the XFX board mentioned in the title (an underwhelming board, to say the least) with memory of the part number CM2X20486400C5C. Initially, there were four sticks, but the customer reported one as bad.


I have built gaming machines for myself before, so I am aware of the fine tuning it can sometimes take to reach stability. I respect Corsair as a brand (much more than XFX), so I wanted to see if you had any sort of insight towards these pieces working together -- compatibility issues, correct memory timings, etc.


Many thanks,


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With 4 modules, my guess is that you will need to lower the memory frequency to 667. The 750i chipsets are not as robust at running 4 modules as the 780i was. And, it gets VERY hot. Also, you may need to make a small bump in the memory controller voltage.


If both of these do not help, test each module individually with Memtest, linked on the left side of this page.

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