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Removing Stickers On My Brand New CMPSU-1000HX?


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So I'm a case modder, I like my builds clean / sleek / sexy...


I haven't opened my 1000w yet (Running on my old 850w now) BUT if its anything like the 850 it'll have stickers on the top / sides.


Am I able to remove these (carefully, obviously) WITHOUT voiding my warranty or causing any issues with any possible repairs / RMAs?


I know there is (or should be) a WARRANTY VOID IF REMOVED sticker over a screw.. I was not planning on removing that, just the sticker with the PSU info on the top and the Corsair 1000w Stickers on the side.


I'm really going for a full black with a bit of red build... but having a big blue sticker and white information sticker all on it doesn't look too nice :P

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