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HS1 muffled mic


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I've just bought an HS1 for gaming. Audio is excellent, no problems there.


Using the mic is another matter. It sounds strange talking on it since you cannot hear yourself talk, but I can get used to that. The problem is that when I talk, other people cannot hear me properly. By all accounts my voice is very muffled. In-game voice (Lotro) is never as good quality but this is worse then any mic I've ever used. Using Teamspeak 3, my voice is still muffled.


I've tried looking through all the settings but cannot find anything to improve it. Has anybody managed to work out how to fix this?

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  • Corsair Employees

Did you figure this out? If not and you tried the HS1 on another system and its still not working then please use the link on the left and request an RMA.


But as aside note you have to use the Corsair Audio Application not the sound Icon to adjust the Audio of HS1.

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