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HS1 Driver issues on WinXP


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I just got the HS1 and im on WinXP. Having tried a Logitech G35, i have to say they sound great, and to me, better. Now to my problems.


To get positional audio in Left 4 dead 2, i have to set both "Sound and Audio devices, Advanced section" in Control panel and in-game to 5.1.


Problem is whenever i plug out the HS1 USB to play my speakers, when i plug them back in, "Sound and Audio devices, Advanced section" in Control panel changes from the 5.1 i have set, to "Headphones" or "Stereo Speakers".


This is a extremely annoying issue and i just dont know how to resolve this. Any ideas?



edit: Also when replugging HS1 into the USB, sometimes the HS1 USB headset icon on the bottom right taskbar does not show up, and you have to go to the control panel to find them.


Next, i have a X-Fi soundcard, and i use the CMSS-3D feature for positional audio as well.

My problem is i use 7.1 setting in "Sound and Audio devices, Advanced section" in Control panel. When you plug in the HS1 into the USB, it will register itself, and randomly gives me the 1st issue mentioned. When you plug it out. It refuses to remmeber the setting before and sometimes go back to "desktop speakers" or "headphones" as well.


The G35 i have used before did everything software flawlessly. But with the HS1, i feel like i have to blardy babysit it to ensure it is working correctly all the time and im kinda getting sick of it. The driver menu asthetics are just fine. But I'm really looking forward to a driver update here :(



I'm on a i7 860, Gigabyte UD5 setup.


I have a Auzentech Forte(X-Fi) chipset Soundcard installed.

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  • Corsair Employees

The issue maybe the conflict between the audio card you have installed is trying to set the audio properties. Our HS-1 headsets do not need a sound card to operate. But I would try and remove the sound card and see if you still have these issues.


P.S. We will report this to our Audio engineer and ask if they have any suggestions beyond what we have stated here.

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I've removed the software and then the card physcially as suggested. Erhm..there's no audio devices other than the HS1...


Ok anyway, I

1) Uninstalled the HS1 drivers.

2) Then i installed my onboard audio. Followed by the HS1.

3) I set them to my usual configs. Same problems arise.


I then tried,

1) Uninstalled the HS1 drivers + Onboard audio

2) Then i installed HS1 drivers 1st, Followed by the Auzentech forte.

3) I set them to my usual configs. Same problems arise again.


Don't know what to say. I've used a Logitech G35 before and it did everything flawlessly using the drivers in the package.

Just hope there be a driver update soon :)


Thanks looking into my query.

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Just the HS1 installed.


It will use the last settings set in "Sound and Audio devices, Advanced section" in Control panel.



Ok imho after trying out the suggestions offered, the problem with the HS1 software/driver is it does not remember it's own settings in


"Sound and Audio devices, Advanced section" in Control panel


when plugged in a USB port. And say you configure it to 5.1 when plugged in. It does NOT revert back to the initial setting which was 7.1.


Neither does it remember the settings in


"Sound and Audio devices, Audio Tab", For the Default Playback & Recording.


before it was plugged in. When you remove it, it simply chooses the 1st selection in "Default Playback & Recording", namely "Auzen X-Fi audio" for both Playback and Recording. I know this because i use the onboard "Realtek audio input" for my "Default recording device", which is the 2nd item in the dropdown menu.


I think this is as specific as i can be. It's not a issue with my setup as the G35 i've installed before changes straight to 5.1 the moment its plugged in, but reverts back to 7.1 when plugged out.

It also remembers the default Playback and Recording devices i have previously set



All it can do is setting Corsair HS1 as default playback and recording device, when you plug the HS1 into a USB port. And sometimes it actually can't remember and you startup a game w/o sound, got to then shut down the game, set it up, then restart the game.

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  • Corsair Employees
I am sorry but that seems to be normal when the head phones are unplugged and the plugged back it the setting will revert to default, I have asked our Audio Engineer to take a look at this and see what can be done.
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  • 2 weeks later...

I have onboard sound via my motherboard and every time I plug in the headset it automatically remembers the settings from the last time I plugged them in.


For example:


With Headset unplugged Windows XP shows Surround sound setup in control panel (I have surround sound speakers).


With Headset plugged in Windows XP shows 7.1 Surround sound in control panel (for the HS1).


I don't have any other sound devices or sound cards. I always plug the Headset into the same USB port, although i'm not sure this makes a difference.


You could also try creating your own sound profile from within the Corsair software (just tweak the equaliser to your liking, type in a name for the setting and hit the + symbol. Then quit out and unplug the headset. Plug the headset back in and see if the software retains your settings.


I can confirm that my settings are always loaded once I plug in my headset.

Even my Headphone and Mike volumes are saved.


I hope this helps.

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Just out of curiosity, why would you need to unplug your headset -- especially if you have no other sound devices or sound cards? When I go into Sound and Audio Devices in the Control Panel (WinXP) and go to the Audio tab and change from the HS1's to the sound card (or vice versa) all the settings are automatically changed to the appropriate device -- and the speakers are automatically muted when I change to the HS1's. Couldn't be simpler or slicker.
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  • Corsair Employees
Currently when the head set is unplugged any settings would not be saved and would revert to default. I have no information as to change in this setting however you can save profiles and just load your profile when you insert the HS-1.
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