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what to buy? so confused?


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So im building a new computer from the ground up parts are going to include


Gigabyte UD3R


Intel i7 930


Corsair H70


Corsair Obsidian 800D


Corsair 1200ax ( ya im a corsair fan boy )


2 x Corsair Sandforce 60gb SSD


Radeon 5870


Im having trouble deciding on ram!!!


I am using this rig for Gaming and general highdef media watching winraring nothing really crazy Ive been looking at these 3 ram sets


Which will be best for what i wanna do and for long term....



Please help!!

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bah here sorry about that


( i wanted to get these and maybe underclock them for tighter timings)




or these..





or these


******** ( i would type the real name but apparently it gets censored?)

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Dont bother with the 2000Mhz Ram thats for sure. I am not alone in saying that I have tried everything to get the system to run stable and not achieve the stated frequency. The best I can get is 1860 with 2000 Mhz ram because of CPU (960) memory control issues.
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Your PC may or may not overclock to 4.0 GHz. depending on many factors including your specific CPU/Mobo/RAM/PSU/VID, etc. See my signature.


The i7-930 has an officially support RAM speed of 1066 MHz. but may run at a higher frequency with proper BIOS settings? The TR3X6G1600C8D is rated to run up to 1600 MHz. at 8-8-8-24 2T @ 1.65V on the i7 platform so this should work fine. You would need to manually set the BIOS options to run the RAM overclocked to 1600 MHz.

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