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My Corsair Flash Voyager Mini 32gb stopped working after windows fix and repair


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My Corsair Flash Voyager Mini 32gb have gone fubar! Is there anyway to fix it, or should I return it where I bought it?


The problem:

I've been transfering some files back and forth on it between two computers. I did use the windows unmount, but I had once before earlier on pulled it out before i unmounted it, but no files were being readed or transfered so should have been fine. Anyway I get the "Repair and Fix" option when I plug it in.


I usually were just ignoreing it and closing it. I transfered a folder over with some files, unmounted the drive and put it into another computer. I got the message when I tried to enter the folder that it was corrupt, so then I choose to run the fix and repair stuff to windows, which completly fued up my drive.


I'm running windows 7 64bit on both computers


Is there any way to repair my Corsair USB Drive? Like that I can flash it and install new firmware or something?

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