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600T fans problem


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Hello all!


I've got the 600T top exhaust fan and front intake fan connected to the controller, also the rear exhaust fan is connect to the controller

i have used the 4pin molex connector to power the controller

but this one seems not have influence on top fan and the rear fan ,it reduces

or increases the speed of front intake fan only that work properly


any suggestions ? thanks

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The 600T don't have the best fan controller and found you can really only notice the difference when the controller been turn to full then back round to slow and anything in between... well...errrr the light dim though;):


ended up back with a drive bay fan controller and temp display..

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it actually do affect the 2 200m fans, you just dont notice because the fans are running at much lower RPM then compared to 120mm fans.


This is correct, the larger the fans and the slower they are spinning at max RPM, the less of a difference you will see with the integrated fan controller, but there should still be a difference.

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