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Please Help: Corsair HX850 + SLI Nvidia GTX 480 ?


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Ok I need a clear answer I am getting lots of mix answers simply question:

Is a Corsair HX850 Power supply enough to handle 2 Nvidia GTX 480 graphics cards in SLI ? or would I need something like the HX1000 rest of my PC specs are below


Asus P6X58D-E Motherbaord

i7 950 Overclocked to 3.8GHz

6GB Memory Ram 1600MHz DDR3

1x SSD 128GB Drive

1x 2TB Hard drive

1x Blu Ray Writer/reader


Plus have 6 fans 3 are getting power from the motherboard and 3 are getting it

from the power supply

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agreed with him. better to go with the 1200watt. if you can afford 2 480s you can afford a 1200watt psu lol





It's a shame the power consumption is not listed entirely on all the products. You would think right? The fans if I recall only do 14-30watts an hour but i could be mistaken.

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