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800D Tool Free Mechanism


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It seems that I may have applied a little too much pressure to one of the tool free mechanisms for holding optical drives and stuff in place. The sliding piece came right off in my hand. Does anyone have a tip for getting it back on?


Thanks in advance.


(I apparently posted this in the wrong section the first time. My apologies for the double post.)

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Hopefully you are still going to check this. I had the slider come off 3-4 times when I had the DVD rom pushed back into the case too far.. if I set it flush with the front it locks in no problem. (flush it interrupts the smooth free fall of the I/O device panel)


However, there is metal part sticking out from the side of the bay after the plastic slider comes off. I reset it over the metal piece as best as possible and slid from right side towards the left. There are hooks on the plastic piece that have to match up. It takes some luck/time to get it right.


My recommendation is to make sure your plastic piece shows no sign of breaking and with a little patience you should be able to reapply.

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