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CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 Cooling


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I have two sets fo the CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 installed on my motherboard. I am running them at a clock speed 1896Mhz as I have not been able to get them to run at the quoted 2000Mhz. Testing with Memtest one stick at a time yes they will pass.


Are the Corsair fans supplied with this memory neceassary?


The reaason for this question is because I also have a cooler master V8 heat sink for the cpu and the memory fans partialy block the intake to this cooler.


The airflow from the memory fans is also blowing at 90 degres across the face of the CPU cooler and I wonder if this is a good thing or not.


There are allready two fans on the top of the case rhat could be causing airfllow direction problems?

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  • Corsair Employee
Most likely the reason you are having issues is because we only rate those speeds for one kit not two. You are probably hitting the limitation of the memory controller at that point. As for the fans with the higher end modules we really do recommend you use them but in some situations you cannot.
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