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Do Corsair release DDR3 that have LED like XMS Pro?


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hello everyone


i am new to this forum,

please forgive me, if i posting on wrong section


i always love CORSAIR product, been using corsair memories, since like 4 years ago, and always go for corsair for upgrading memory


the product i love most is XMS Pro

and currently i am building new rig, because my main rig broke (DELL XPS730)

from faulty PSU that seems also damage BIOS, so the mobo wont boot up


now after taking quite some times, looking for corsair i7 DDR3 lineup

i kinda decided which one i will get, then i remember about XMS pro

and now wondering if corsair release i7 DDR3 version too?

i tried looking for XMS series, but can't find it


so i hope i can get more information in this forum


thanks in advance!



PS: i know about CMXAFPRO that have same or similar function like XMS Pro

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