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Send in P256 for Firmware Upgrade


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RAMGUY, is it possible to send in my P256 for a firmware upgrade so it supports TRIM? I am not sure I am confortable trying to follow the directions in the firmware update guide. All data on the drive can be erased. I guess I have a few questions before we even go that route though:


Do I really even need the firmware update? I have the previous version firmware with Garbage colleciton and my drive is still running very fast (very close to the advertised specs). Furthermore, this won't be the primary drive in my system anymore, so it will never get more than 50% to 60% full. (I have recently purchased a new system that had an Intel SSD 80GB with TRIM support as the boot drive and a regular hard drive as the secondary drive - I was just going to move my P256 over as a third drive since it was a small fortune!).


Will having an SSD without TRIM support (P256) and an SSD with TRIM support (Intel) in the same system cause Windows to turn off TRIM support on the drive that supports it? (or cause any other problems?)


If you recommend sending it in, how do I do so?



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It boils down to what you want. Some would say "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". If you want to try the update, feel free as there is no risk. If you fail or if it does not update, you can still send it to us.


Keep in mind that if we update the drive OR if you update the drive, it will be completely erased. There is no way around this.

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