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I have a Force 240GB SSD installed in a Lenovo W510 since 3 weeks for now and since day one I have the following issues:

- During a cold boot, the drive is not recognized. Also, after coming out of standby or hibernation, a BSOD occurs. Since the forum is full similar messages I presume I have to wait until SandForce comes out with an updated firmware. I've already updated the firmware to 1.1a but as we know, this doesn't fix this problem. I desactivated hibernation/standby for now.

- Quite frequently (+- each 10 mins) the hard disk light lights up for about 1-2 minutes and completely freezes the machine. This issue on top of the first makes it quite impossible to use the drive on a daily basis.

I hope this can be addressed soon since I love the gain in speed of the SSD.

Any suggestions?

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In my previous post I mentioned temporary freezes. Apparently this is caused by the Intel Rapid Storage Driver that asks the disk for LPM support and apparently the F240 doesn't support this which results in a drive lockup until a timeout occurs. The solution to this is to modify the registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\iaStor\Parameters and setting the LPM parameter of each port subkey to 0. After a reboot no locks anymore. If one could still address the BSOD's after standby, hibernate though ...
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