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Buzzing noise


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Hi, I have have been hearing a buzzing noise coming from my new computer and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Googling, I found some people resolved the issue by turning off C1E and Speedstep.


Truthfully, I don't need either of those features so that doesn't bother me but I am wondering if having to turn them off is pointing to a bigger issue. Many threads out there point to the PSU being a problem but I wanted to come here and ask anyways.


The other option could be my motherboard being the problem. I say that because I am also having another problem where my PCIe cards only register 1.1 in applications like GPUz. I have an RMA on the way for the motherboard but maybe it's the power supply not delivering enough power.


What do you all think?'


The power supply is an AX1200 brand new.

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  • Corsair Employee
Unless there is a serious problem with the AX1200 you should have plenty of power for the system. To see if the buzzing is caused by the PSU itself, I would suggest testing the PSU in a different system and see if the noise follows the PSU. If the buzzing does not go away then please Request an RMA.
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