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Please confirm if my memory is incompatible (long beep with two short beeps error)


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I've been spending over a month figuring out this problem, which was the motherboard not beeping and not displaying anything on the screen. Long story short, I RMA'ed the first board, the second board did the same thing and like the other wouldn't beep with the CPU and graphics card pulled out. Then I put some unlabeled pins into the main q-connector and it finally gave the long beep with two short beeps error. That was all my fault, but I posted a lengthy description of what I was doing on another board, including my suspicion of the q-connectors, and I didn't get anything besides telling me to RMA the board.


So, the motherboard isn't detecting the memory. Now that I look back in the manual, this exact model number isn't supported. I didn't know memory involved screwing around with such specific model numbers these days, and I assumed that in general, the memory was compatible because I got the AMD-compliant sticks with an AMD-compliant motherboard. This motherboard also isn't listed in the memory compatibility search feature on this site, but the M4A79 Deluxe is, and it happens to be compliant with this model.


Given all this, am I out a lot of money now and screwed over? My RMA with NewEgg expired on October 7th and I spent all this time troubleshooting and waiting for an RMA'd motherboard, then buying a new Corsair PSU to rule that out as the problem. Or can I RMA back to Corsair for compatible sticks? Or will these sticks work with this board somehow? I really was looking forward to using this new RAM, but it seems I'm five years behind on the micromanaging it takes just to get a motherboard and sticks of memory to work together. I guess the other option is to get a different board from Asus, but I really don't know if any company is going to accept returns on this ground, and again I can't do it with the retailer anymore since it is past one month. I really like the new power supply as well, but again I can't do anything with it except marvel at the low noise.


I realize a lot is my fault, but it just doesn't seem to make a lot of sense that this is how it turned out after waiting on this problem and dealing with it as best as I could, as well as the fact that NewEgg didn't warn me or anything when I purchased the board and sticks together and they seemed compliant as far as I could tell with the AMD nature of both products. By this point I probably just want to know what kind of options I have.

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Yes the memory you have is tested and approved for the AMD platform. There is no reason why the memory you have should not function properly in your PC if everything is installed and set properly.


You may have something improperly connected be it power connector(s) to the Vid card or other issues. I'd recommend going step by step thru the Asus mobo installation manual to be sure all connections are proper. You could also try booting the system with just two memory modules to see if this works but I suspect the issue is not the RAM.

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