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Windows 7 install won't see force 160gb


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I just received my new force 160gb ssd and windows 7 install will not detect the drive. The bios finds it and dos tools can operate on it. I have tried other ssd's and windows 7 install finds the disk just fine along with an old 32gb ssd of mine. Why won't the f160 be seen by windows 7 install?!!


I'm installing in an acer 3820TG laptop.

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I tried on my Desktop with X58 motherboard that and the same problem exists!

However my Desktop has IDE/RAID/AHCI option, and when i set it to the RAID option, windows 7 install then finds the disk.


Only got IDE or AHCI option in my Acer 3820TG laptop and i can't select raid. So this drive is useless to me!


Looks like a Corsair firmware issue and NOT any of my hardware as I found the other brand I bought last week has no problems at all!

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