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Got my H70 set in place


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After buying my new 600T i decided on going for the H70 rather then the H50


Anyway really easy to fit and i class myself as a "not to bad" PC chap and even a novice could get it up and running....

Pump head is really nice looking too BUT what let's it down are it's fans Corsair seem to use with even the one with the case iv taken out :[pouts:

the cost of the H70 and even the case i would of thought they'd use better looking fans and quieter one's too...

So yeah just using the one Noise blocker fan on the H70 and even with the one fan what a set of results... Bingo... Great result there Corsair just maybe pimp up the fans a little on any future modal's:sunglasse


Great kit.... Happy days

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usually loud fans = optimum performance. (sure some are a bit quit than others) but the higher the cfm and rpm combination, then the higher the static preasure and that is what really makes or breaks a cooling fan.



Have this on full speed and no were near the sound level

more noise = more noise

2 corsair fans = noise and good temps

1 of the above = silence and still good temps

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like i said there are fans with lower dba and higher cfm which lead to better static preasure. fan choice is users choice. i dont mind the noise due to the fact i run 16 120mm fan in my rig and 3 ultra kaze 3000rpms. some like the silent approach either way so long as your happy. there really is no one that is better than the other. again users prefference
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