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Degradation of Writes on Force


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I have a Corsair Force 120GB, have Abit IX38 QuadGT motherboard, enabled AHCI (in BIOS), followed all of the disables (Hibernate, Superfetch, System Restore, etc.), have the latest Intel RTS driver installed as well as the JMicron JMB36X. I have confirmed that TRIM is enabled via the Command Prompt.


My problem:


I have been using AS SSD and I've been noticing that the write speeds have been slowing down. Not only that, but the speeds seem to be slower than they should be- despite the SSD being my primary. The writes used to be in the high 90s and now they are in the mid 70s of megabytes per second.

The advertised speeds are 285MB/s for read and write. (The read speeds have been consistent at around 207MB/s)


Does anyone know how to fix the write speeds?

I have confirmed with the Intel RTS program that I'm running 3GB SATA (which is SATA II- I believe).


There's also the problem with my monitor not returning picture when finished installing the ATI graphics driver, but that's not as much as a problem because it seems to have installed correctly.

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