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Help to understand Benchmark and system set up


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I installed Windows 7 on my SSD and another copy of Windows 7 on my 6 Drive western digital Raid 0.


I updated all drivers, but I have the original firmware on my Corsair 128P - F/W VBM1801Q


I ran ATTO from both OS . The first set of pics "raid.bmk and ssd.bmk" were ran from the OS with my Raid0 HDD setup.


The 2nd set of pics "raid1.bmk and ssd1.bmk" were ran from my OS installed on the SSD.


I don't fully know how to interpret the results, so my questions are.......


1. What drive is faster SSD or Raid

2. For set up of new system should i place my OS on ssd or raid

3. should i load my programs on SSD or raid








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Another question for Corsair support or RMA department.


Can i send this drive to you to have it updated withe newest FW ?


I am not tech savy enough to feel comfortable doing it myself.

If you want, you can try updating the drive yourself. It's very easy and we have a .pdf explaining how to do it. At worst, if it fails to update, you'll still need to RMA the drive so we can update it for you. If you succeed, you will have learned something new and avoided the RMA process.
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