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C6GX3M3A1600C6 MT- No Official Product Listing, CMXAF2 Legs Not Tall Enough


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Recently one of the fans supplied with my Hello,


Recently one of the fans supplied with my CMT6GX3M3A1600C6 started failing, giving a rattling sound, so I requested an RMA and also asked what Corsair cooling product would be a replacement that I could. Note that in the RMA process I could not find my memory model in the pulldown, nor is it listed on Corsair's site (and I've owned the memory for 6 months now). In regards to purchasing a cooling product to support my memory, this is the direct response I received from the RMA agent :


An additional comment was sent with the RMA Advisory: Yes, we do sell the cooling units separately the part number is CMXAF2.


I ordered this exact part from Newegg and Amazon. Both were the same part, naturally, but the legs on the unit were not tall enough for my memory. I ended up taking the legs off my busted cooler and placing them on the new one, which works fine.


I have 2 questions that greatly concern me,


1) Why is it that my memory, model CMT6GX3M3A1600C6, is still not officially listed on the Corsair site? I can't even select it from the tech support memory pulldown, since it's not there.


You can purchase it from Amazon at the following address :




As you'll note, it's DDR3 1600MHZ at CAS6, which is quite amazing. The product has never been available at Newegg, and I purchase it on May 4th, 2010, yet it's still not on Corsair's website.


I smell something fishy. What's the deal with this memory? Is it still being produced? Why is Amazon seemingly only selling it? Why, after 6 months, is the memory not available in the memory pulldown for tech support?


2) Why was I recommended the CMXAF2 as a replacement when the legs are not tall enough? My RMA case is still open, but I am agitated enough to cancel it since I specifically noted the different model number in my RMA (since it wasn't available in the pulldown) yet was recommended a product that would not fit my memory.


- Dresk

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Just ordered 2 of these kits from amazon too :)

Its pretty strange that these kits are not listed ... I assume these are the last of the great Hyper Elpida's .. Those were the only guys that could run 6-6-6-20.

Would really appreciate some more information about this kit. :)

i agree with Dresk thats its pretty strange that this is not listed. Hope to get some clarification on this ram :)

Cheers and kind regards !

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Hey Wired :)

Umm just wanted a compatibility list or data sheet or something :)

Wanted to know if this ram is supported by the Asus RIIE , RIIIE and the Gigabyte X58A-UD7.

I know if i get version 2.xx on them then they will mostly be hyper Elpida's :D

Was wondering if these are MGH-E or MNH-E ? 1600 @ 6-6-6-20 sure is beautiful :)

Cheers and thank you for the help :)

Kind regards!

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