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support for Nova series on Via VT8237 on chip controller


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I strongly suspect my mainboard EPOX 8VTAI with two SATA slots is not compatible with the NOVA series SSDs. I have the 64GB Nova.

I have the latest bios for the mainboard installed from Epox. Bios has options for "IDE" or "RAID". Bios has no option for the AHCI.


When set to "RAID" it comes up with "VIA VT8237 SATA Raid BIOS Setting Utility v2.20". Neither "IDE" mode Nor "RAID" mode recognize the Nova SSD. Both modes recognize my Maxtor "Velociraptor" SATA drive.


Can someone recommend an old school PCI slot SATA controller card that has been proven to work with NOVA series Corsair Drives and also has drivers for Windows 7 (in case I upgrade to Win 7 one of these years)?


I also wanted to to mention that I already tried processing an RMA through the vendor. Vendor sent me postage paid shipping lable and then sent another new boxed CSSD-V64BG2-BRKT. The second Nova 64gig also does the exact same behavior. It freezes the BIOS whenever it is plugged in and BIOS was priviously set to SATA: "IDE" mode. if Bios was previously set to RAID, then it comes up with garbage characters in the Via VT8237 SATA RAID BIOS Setting Utility V2.20, and then freezes.

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