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Extreme 256GB issues


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I have a new Lenovo T510 laptop and I removed the stock drive and replaced it with a Corsair Extreme Series 256GB drive. There are issues with the system booting. When I try and boot, i get an error initializing hdd0. If I go into bios it does not see the drive at all. A few reboots usually clears the problem and it boots up.


I sent the laptop back to lenovo, who replaced the main board. But, the second I got it back, I put the drive back in, and failed to boot.


When I check lenovo site for my specific error it says to update drive firmware, but I have been unable to find any firmware for this disk drive.


Both the laptop and the drive are brand new.


What do I need to do to get this resolved?

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Thanks, not sure how I got into the wrong language group. I have now replaced this drive with a performance series 256GB drive and the problems went away. Now what do I do with the extreme? It's too late to return in to the store.
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