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I have been researching my issue in your forums and in Win7 forums. After several hours of trouble shooting I posted a help thread in Win7. After reviewing my post Win7 Admin suggested that my SSD was going bad based on what was happeing and my trouble shooting. Admin suggested that I speak with you and run diagnostic if possible. If you have a diagnostic tool I will be happy to run it... Otherwise please advise?


I will post the content of that thread here with the following additions:


The lastest ATI catalyst update hangs up. When I tried to upload a game it took hours, much longer than it should have.


The following is the content from my post in win7:


WIN 7 64 Pro/Software or Driver conflict?




I am having some issues with WIN 7 64 Bit Professional.


1. Programs are taking a long time to install.

2. System analytics hang up when they get to HD. I also tried Windows Experience Index refresh and it hangs up out of the shoot. It had previously worked.

3. I have been trying to trouble shoot my SSD which (corsair 128 gig SSD Performance)

a. AHCI is enabled in BIOS

b. Trim Support is on in Windows


4. I found the following thread and executed as follows:



A-run a system file check to verify and repair your system files

(type cmd in search>right click and run as admin>SFC /SCANNOW)




B-check event viewer (type eventvwr in search). go to the windows log>application tab. Look for critical errors (they have red in the left hand column) that say app hang, app crash, or anything related to the problem.


Begining to most recent


33 these are the first errors and revolve around ATI. I have reinstalled the newest drivers an no issues.


1000 This was from a bf game post error 33


8193 system restore

1002 (101) Application Hang

16388 Source = ATIeRecord EEU

4107 Source = capi2


c- go into device manager (type device manager


in search). Are there any "unknown drivers" with yellow question marks on them?



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