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All done but why this H70 so hot?


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Hi I'll start off with my rig config.


AMD 1090t thuban

Asus crosshair iv extreme mobo

4gb 2000mhz kingston hyperx ddr3

xfx 5970 BE

1tb wd black

blu ray combo

corsair h70 cpu cooler exhaust in config

cm storm sniper casing

corsair hx850 psu


clocked cpu to 4.0ghz

bios 14x bus 286 , vcore 1.45 , dram 1.65. else default


Temps reading are real high and i cant figure out the cause.

Cpuid hardware monitor idle cpu temp at 44-46c and on load prime95 at 67c

but core readings is 30-36 idle and 55c on load. Bios cpu reading idle at 50+c


Hope to get some lights on what to check out for ):

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