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Wow, lots of high temp problems lately...


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I think it should be understood that many parameters may or may not influence the results of temperatures. Do not just rely on the forum because it is often used to ask for help or problems while it is rare to see someone to call when everything goes well. It is unfortunate but true.

In this regard, my H70 is doing well.;):

I trust in Corsair, they make very good products. You do not have to be afraid. Unless you're afraid to make you happy.::pirate::

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Judging the quality of Corsair products by the amount of problems posted in the forums is like judging the health of a population by standing at the door of a doctor.


Although I myself am one of he users with the temps problem - its more than likely my own fault, rather than that of my H50.

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:laughing:Have both the H50 and H70 on two different machines.

one on a ASUS P5Q3 Deluxe with a Q9550 with the H50

and presently a ASUS P6TD Deluxe with a I7 950@ 3.8 GHz

The I7 is running idle Temps about 30Degrees and Full Load Temps @ 69 Degrees

never had a problem and have used the stock Thermal Paste




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