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Corsair F60 - Broken part


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I was installing my HDD to my PC. While I was trying to install the HDD into the Case, accidentally I broke the plastic part of my SSD F60's SATA entrance down :(.


somehow when I put the plastic part to SATA entrance, it continues working, I have been using it for a week now without any problem. the only thing is that if I lose that small plastic part, I will never able to stable sata cable to F60 :( should I use glue or not touch it at all?


Is there any way to fix this problem? the distribitor can help me?


I live in Turkey, it has 2 years guarantee but not sure it is valid for this kind of problem...



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This is what happened to my SSD, there is no plastic part of SATA any more :(




and this is broken part.



well, I put this broken part to SATA cable... hope this would work for a while :(




It still works, but I believe this will not work forever...




I will be glad if you find a solution in a short time for this...

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Well, I will call you, but I have no contact information about you at all, even your name :S


I will be glad if you help me!


Waitin for a phone number and a real name as a private message to call you at your time.

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