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H-50 | i7 950 | High Temps...


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Another H50 high temp issue it seems.


I have recently upgraded from my old Intel Q6600 (OCed to 3.6GHz at 1.552v - this was a bloody hot chip) to an i7 950.


This was an excellent cooler on my Q6600...


However, since I've had the 950 (D0 - 1.18V-1.2V stock), my temps have been pretty damn horrible.


I am using a push/pull config (using 2x coolermaster fans) mounted to the top of my 800D. Currently its set up as an 'exhaust' config - but I have also had the side panel off so that should make any difference. TIM is AS5.


Temps are 38-42C idle and 75+ under load (P95 or IBT) @ stock. Ambient is 19-20C.


The CPU also has a spread of around 6C between core 0 and core 3 under 100% load...


I have remounted the H50 multiple times now. I have tried the normal install (push into bracket then twist and tighten down) as well as some of the other methods mentioned (such as fastening the H50 down directly.)


Because my motherboard supports LGA775 and 1366 heatsinks, I have tried mounting the H50 using both of these configs also. No luck.


This thing is fastened down firmly and wont budge. I have tried varying amounts of AS5 also...


The pumps RPMs report normal ranges (about 1350-1400RPM)


Not sure what else to try... help?


Heres some pics:





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try switching the h50 to the top rear and run it as intake , switch the rear to intake as well and replace the bottom intake with something better / run a push pull setup there , i'm only on a 930 but have high 20's idle and have yet to see more than +60 no matter what i run on the cpu , i'm also on SLI so even more heat to shift out . Link below is how mine ended up .



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Agreed its odd but gives me the best results in my case after lots of experimenting . The bottom fan is just sitting there and fits in nicely , from memory if you went for a 120 fan you can screw it in but i went for 140mm . Best improvement was getting rid of the stock inlet fans with higher cfm jobs , i also have deci filters on the back and top rear inlets which make 2 degrees difference but i've not had to clean my machine since adding them so worth the hit for me , all 4 top fans controlled by scyth server fan controller , h50 pump on board header at 100% as is rear inlet , rest of the fans are direct to psu ( there nice quiet fans those 140mm & push ~64 cfm )

Not sure what your ambient temps is there but mines currently 22 in my room .

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If you've stripped the radiator mounts, your only option is to get a slightly larger screw and re-tap (manually or with a self-tapping screw). It's never a good idea to over-tighten, and if re-fitting screws, always turn backwards until the screw drops into the old thread (turn anti-clockwise for normal threads, until the screw "clicks" down into the orignal thread) so that you're not cutting a new thread by accident, or damaging the old one.
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On a similar subject, I found a wonderful way to mount the H70 the other day using anti-vibration fan mounts. I came across these: http://www.scan.co.uk/products/Akasa-AK-MX003-20x-Pack-of-Siliconized-Pins-for-Anti-vibrational-fan-mounting


If you use standard case screws to fit the pull fan to the radiator, then mount that fan to the case using long-style fan mounts (as linked), it will sit quite happily even with the H70 rad and two fans in push/pull. I have mine now at the top of my 700D with two Noctuas on it. Silent as the grave.


(The reason I suggest using the long style fan mounts I linked is two-fold. One, they're longer and easier to fit than the short stubby fan mounts. I had some with my Noctuas that I just couldnt fit to the top fan vents. Two, they have a double-barb fitting on each mount, looking like this: (|=||=|>====|>====== with the red parts being the "barbs". This lessons the likelihood that should it slip from the topmost barb, it'll fall and mangle your motherboard :p So far, mine has been sitting perfectly fine without any issue.)

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