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System stopped being over clockable

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My new system has stopped being overclockable, or even completely stable at stock speeds, but I'm not sure which component is the problem. I think I've narrowed it down to CPU or MB, and was wondering if anyone here had experience, insights or suggestions that would point me toward one or the other (or a completely different idea maybe).


The i5 system was overclocking well (from 2.66 ghz to 3.96 ghz) for 2 weeks, but suddenly started crashing (BC101 and BC124 errors). Now it will not even pass an OCCT stress test at STOCK speeds! The thermals have been good from the get go, and I applied voltage increases that I picked up researching what other's with similar setups have used successfully.


I think I have eliminated the SSD, RAM, video card, and onboard sound by selective removal, replacement, disabling, or testing. The PS voltages seem stable, at least as far as I can tell in OCCT and Gigabytes utility. That pretty much leaves the motherboard or the CPU I guess, but I wouldn't want to RMA them both or either one unnecessarily for that matter. Help!

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