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New H50 install - great performance, but I've got the buzz


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I'm a very happy camper with the H50, with respect to temps, but not so much regarding noise.


First the good. It beats my previous air cooling by 8-10C for the same fan noise level (dialed down to near silent).


The H50 is set up with two (push/pull) generic 2000RPM fans, managed by SpeedFan, intake configuration through the back with exhaust out the top of the case (2x140s @500rpm).


CPU is AMD Phenom II X4, 3.1gHz BE. Not overclocked (yet). P-states managed by PhenomMstTweaker. Mobo is GA-890GPA-UD3H


The H50 fans are set to 700rpm, which is the point they are just below audible.


Ambient is 24C.


Idle (800mHz, 0.925v) system pulls 86 Watts


@700rpm (silent), CPU is 4C above ambient

@2000rpm, CPU is 3C above ambient


Prime95 Load (3.1gHz, 1.275v) system pulls 179 Watts


@700rpm (silent), CPU is 21C above ambient

@2000rpm, CPU is 18C above ambient


So now I've got about 10 degrees of O/C headroom to explore. :laughing:


Unfortunately, I have the buzz mentioned by several others coming from the pump. I reseated the pump, and tried pressing, pulling, squeezing, etc., and it is constant. It is definitely noticeable over the fans when they are at 700rpm. I can hear it from the closed case easily from 1 meter away when the TV/radio is off, but OTOH, other than the pump buzzing, the system is near absolute silent.


If I dial down the pump to about 1150rpm, the buzz is then inaudible, but temperature performance suffers.


So my question: how much pump noise is expected - particularly when the noise is such an annoying buzz? I don't want to go through an RMA if the next one won't be any better.

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there should be no pump noise or at least barely audible pump noise.


i have gone through three H50s, all of which i ran at full speed (1400 rpm) and i could not hear it unless i put my ear 3 inches from it.


you might have a defective product.

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