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Dead P128

Der Meister

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Hi, I have had the drive just over a year I was getting ready to do the TRIM updated on it tomorrow, I have been putting it off since I didn't feel like reinstalling the OS. I was Playing a game the PC froze, I rebooted the computer and it came back with a error on boot. I inserted the Win 7 X64 dvd to do a recovery. After it did a recovery I restarted the computer and nothing. Checked the Bios and Nada. I have tried New power sources and SATA cables with my second HD that is showing up in the BIOS.


I stared the RMA process and I was given this Number "Tech Support Express Case [1693618]"


I would love to have this expedited as fast as possible, as my Main PC is now down and I am on a net book, and it sucks

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Hold on I gotta talk with newegg. it seems they sent me a S128, when i paid for a p128, a year ago and I never noticed till it died today.


Well Upon doing further looking into this P/S problem I think I might have found it...




It seems like it might have been a labeling issue, since the SN matches up fine. CMFSSD-128GB2D

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