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New V32 - slow reads in ATTO


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I bought this SSD for use solely as an application drive. I've got XP 64 installed on a raid-0 elsewhere in the box. After secure erasing with Parted Magic and quick formatting as NTFS with 4096 allocated, ATTO shows the reads pretty much maxing out at 120-130 MB/sec. I thought I'd see close to 200. It's hooked to a JMB363 controller set to AHCI in the BIOS. "msahci" doesn't appear in the registry. Am I missing something here?


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When I moved the drive to our Intel-based PC the ATTO results were much better. When I moved it back to my AMD/nForce 5 box and hooked it to the nForce controller the results were better yet.


Light dawns on Marblehead: not all controllers are created equal.



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