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CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 issue with Asus Rampage III Extreme


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Hi there,


Ive been experiencing a strange issue with my RAM since the day i got this computer (its about 2 months old).



I have an i7 930 seated in an Asus Rampage III Extreme with 6gb Corsair Dom GT 2000 8-9-8 with the various other compnents listed in my account info.


The issue is each and EVERY time i COLD boot (if the machine has been off for at least 4 hours +) it boots with only 4gb of ram, both at post and in windows.


If i load into windows and then shutdown the PC right away and reboot it all 6gbs registers (both in post and windows). This HAS to be a full shutdown though, a simple reboot will see the system boot with just 4gb again.


This has been happening since i got it but seems to be getting worse. Just today i had my PC on for quite a while, it needed to be reset after an update and upon restart it had only booted with 4gb of ram. This is after it was already warm. After a complete shutdown it again booted with all 6gb. It has not done this before though so it leads me to believe that whatever the issue is is getting worse.



After purchasing the machine i did take it back to the shop i bought it from to have them look at it and they claimed to have contacted both CORSAIR and ASUS to find out what the issue was. It was said that CORSAIR said it wasnt their issue and that ASUS claimed it could be a board issue that might be fixed in a latter BIOS update. Since then there has been a BIOS update that i have flashed to no avail. But i dont honestly know if they even contacted anyone really...



Is this an issue you have heard of before?


Ive run the system at complete stock speeds, overclocked with RAM running at 2000 standard timing, 1600 loose-standard-tight timing, 1500 loose-standard-tight timing.


The issue remains irrespective of what seetings im running.


Please help :)

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I have read that post both on these forums and the original @ i4mem.com


Ive gone through all the steps listed, reseated CPU and heatsink, tried the modules in differnt slots and messed around with voltages across an array of differnt frequencies. (currently im running at 4.0ghz 1500mhz - Vcore 1.3v, QPI 1.4v, VDIMM 1.66v)


My problem is not a static issue with less RAM showing up than istalled, it is a COLD boot problem. After initial boot the ram shows up at the installed value.



At this point im not concerned at all with overclocking the CPU or ram (or even running the ram at its rated speed) but this issues persists even at 100% stock speeds 2.8ghz BCLK 133 1066mhz stock volts...... I'd just be happy to see it work properly AT ALL :)

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