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New H70 Install


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I have just done a major case, fan and PSU upgrade to my computer. Specs are in my profile.


I am having trouble with the H70 with regards to what it seems the pump not working. I have tried plugging it in to various 3 pin headers and they all read it as N/A in the BIOS for fan RPM speed.


Do I have a faulty unit or have I done something wrong?


I have also tried plugging it in to a molex adapter with the fan plug lead (last resort) and made no difference.


Any Ideas?

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Check the plug on the end of the cable coming from the pump, and make sure all three metal connectors inside the plug are making contact with the power source - probably easiest to check when attached to the molex adapter.


Sometimes those little tags that hold them in place dont do such a good job, and one pin loses connection.


If its connected, faulty pump :(

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